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Whole-home measurement of Air quality and pollution levels for Mould, Formaldehyde(UFFI), Asbestos, Total organic volatile compounds, dust particulates.

Are you concerned about Indoor Air Quality or Mould in your home?

Find out if mould or any other pollutant is in your home with air samples, surface samples. All of the samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis and you will receive a report with detail and.

Don’t let poor indoor air Quality destroy your home or compromise your health!

Air Samples (with lab report)

Typically, when it comes to air samples. Two samples are taken, one from the outside and one from the area of concern inside the building or the most commonly used area.

Mould and pollutants are everywhere in nature and comparing the inside and outside samples gives us a baseline. If mould spores are found inside the home that isn’t found outside or they are in much higher numbers. There may be mould growing in the home.

Surface Samples (with lab report)

Different types of mould or hazardous material can vary in colour and look. If you aren’t sure what you see a surface sample can identify what type it is.

Air samples will be taken and once they are analyzed a lab report will be sent to you identifying the types of mould present. All Season Inspections are Unbiased towards the results and will simply report the findings.