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Government of Canada Energy Rebates 2023

The new partnership program with Enbridge Gas & Canada’s Greener Homes Grant called Home Efficiency Rebate Plus started on January 2023 in Ontario. Since the government of Canada introduced several energy rebates on last year for home energy improvements thousands of homeowners received grants through Canada Greener Homes Grant and will continue to evaluated and approved for 2023 rebates which also available through Ontario energy rebates 2023 or if you live in British Columbia energy rebates 2023.

New Government of Canada Energy Rebates for 2023

Government of Canada Energy Rebates for 2023 offers many energy-saving topics and major rebates for heating and cooling systems, insulation, windows and doors and many more.

It is very important that before you begin any renovation or upgrade work in your home, you must book and complete a Canada energy audit by a registered energy advisor. The energy auditor will take a look at your home energy consumption and inform you which upgrades is necessary and can help you to save more energy. Each of the following energy rebate program has it’s own rules that you need to know before you decided and choose which one is more suitable for you.

The Government of Canada Energy Rebates for 2023 will reimburse up to $600 of the cost of an energy audit.

Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

Launched on January 2023:
Enhanced rebates through a new partnership with Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant.

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

In January 2023, Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant will partner to provide rebates towards eligible retrofits such as home insulation, windows and doors, heat pumps and renewable energy systems. The new, coordinated Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program will help more Ontarians save energy at home. This is great news for residents across the province, including current Enbridge Gas customers who use natural gas to heat their homes and will benefit from enhanced rebates up to $10,000. Participants can also offset the cost of their EnerGuide home evaluation with an additional rebate up to $600.

Following programs focus on different home energy improvements while trying to help homeowners needs:
Canada Greener Homes Grant, Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate, Better Homes Kingston Loan Program, Toronto Home Energy Loan Program (HELP).

With simple solutions, low-interest loans, and thousands of dollars in rebates available, there’s never been a better time to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Click on the links below for more comprehensive details concerning each program and rebate.

Canada greener homes loan
Canada Greener Homes Loan Program

Better Homes Kingston loan program
Better Homes Kingston Loan Program

Toronto home energy loan program HELP
New 0% Interest Toronto Energy Loan Program (HELP)

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