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Get Ready For Your home Energy Audit


Below is a complete energy audit checklist so you can be planned for your whole home energy audit, consisting of some things to bear in mind before the audit is finished!


> Have your property tax bill ready

The energy auditor needs to take a picture of your property tax roll number

> Government issued ID

The energy auditor needs to check your government-issued ID in order to verify the ownership and proof of residency.

> Easy and safe access to the Attic and Furnace room

Provide access to the attic hatch – the auditor needs to gain access to the attic so he can take pictures and assess the attic construction and insulation level.

> Close all exterior doors and windows

The blower door test requires all windows and doors to be closed for a precise air leak reading.

> Have a latest copy or your Enbridge gas bill handy

If you are going to qualify for the Enbridge rebate program, your Energy Advisor will need your Enbridge Gas or Union Gas account number, which is shown on your latest expense.

> Do not use wood-burning fireplace or stove 24hrs prior to audit and remove the ashes and close it’s damper

If you have a wood-burning oven or fireplace, make sure to clean it of any type of coal or ashes prior to your energy audit to avoid any kind of mess or particles from getting away. You need to also make sure that it’s not in use at least 1 day prior to the energy audit so you have time to clean up it. The blower door test will depressurize the home, which could cause the ashes to spill out of the fireplace/stove.

> Make a note of your house existing concerns

If you have any other areas of problem, make sure to write them down before your energy audit. By doing this, you’ll be completely prepared to ask all your concerns when your Energy Advisor gets here.

> Avalilabe payment options: Check / Cash / e-transfer

The auditor will accept the payment at the end of each audit session. You may pay by check, cash or e-transfer