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Auditing your home or business for energy use ensures that you are reducing energy bills and improving the comfort of your home or business, all while increasing the value of your property.

Get in touch with us before any home renovations so we can provide you with home improvement plans that fit your lifestyle. We can ensure that you are getting the lowest cost for the best use of energy in your home. On top of this, we will help you reduce greenhouse gas emission from your property.

A Home Energy Audit can tell you if you qualify for any available rebates and share the best ways to apply for them.

We are with you in the energy auditing process from start to finish. We start by auditing your property’s current energy usage, and then producing a report of long and short term recommendations for improvements, including the details of the estimated energy reductions and savings upon implementation. Once the improvements have been made, we will update you on the new energy efficiency status of your home.

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