Buyers Home Inspection

Our Buyers Home Inspection Service is designed to reduce the risk of unexpected and costly surprises and will help you feel completely comfortable with your decision to purchase a new home. Making an informed decision is in the interests of any buyer, whether it’s a small purchase or a large one. When it comes to buying a home, the stakes don’t get any higher. Our inspectors have the training and expertise to detect faults or flaws with a property that might lower its value and cause future distress for the homeowners. Identifying these mitigating factors in a house purchase can save home buyers thousands of dollars down the roads. Many of our clients have made enormous savings by renegotiating the asking price, while others have avoided purchasing a “financial sink hole”. A home that loses value due to structural problems that have gone undetected is a bad investment and will not accrue value. Instead, it loses value as its condition deteriorates further over time. Our Buyers Inspection Service can help you make a wise choice and eliminate problems before they arise.