Should you install solar panels on your property?

As solar panel costs continue to become more affordable, further innovations are developed for both residential and commercial use. For businesses, it depends on the size and requirements of the solar panels in order to gauge cost and installation. It is often also possible to install solar panels on roofs of homes that pay for themselves after a few short years.

Most solar panels are connected to an existing power grid – when your solar panels overproduce electricity for others, some companies will even bill it back to you. CanSIA explains how solar energy in Ontario works here.

To decide if it will be worthwhile for you to invest in solar panels for long term energy savings, the best thing to do is get an energy audit of your home. You can specify solar panels as an interest but you will then also be able to see all the other changes you could make to cut on energy costs.  A home energy audit will provide you with the necessary information that will enable you to prioritize energy related updates to your home.