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How to create a more sustainable BBQ event

When living in parts of the world where the majority of the year is cold, one of the best parts of the summer months is entertaining outside. Since often paper and plastic dishes and utensils are used, this can also be some of the most wasteful ways to entertain. We have a few tips to […]

How much do our services cost?

We often get asked how much our home inspections and energy audits cost – although they vary depending on the size and details of your home, we thought it would be helpful to share a few basic quotes! A basic inspection for a house will range between $350 and $450 (+ HST) depending on the […]

Get your house ready for summer

In Ontario, we never know when true summer will hit, so it’s best to get your house in order before the extreme hot temperatures. Here are a few simple things you can do to get your house ready: Check that your air conditioner is in working order and change its filter system if needed. It […]

What to put in your waste-free toolkit

As we become more aware of the harmful ways our everyday items, such as plastic straws, negatively impact our environment and wildlife, there has been a move to more sustainable practices. A lot of this has to do with making the investments in items that do not need to be thrown out. Becoming as waste-free […]

6 tips to travelling more sustainably

Take the train: try to spend more time at each destination if you can, but when travelling between cities opt to travel by ground when possible to decrease your carbon footprint. Throw out less: Use a refillable bottle with local purified water and bring foldable totes in your bag to fill with food or souvenirs […]

6 ways to keep your energy costs down this Spring

Heat blocking window treatments can keep your home full of sunlight as the days get longer while keeping out the warm weather, allowing you to leave lights off and lower the air conditioning. Turn the air conditioning off at night and open up the windows – when the night air is cool enough, try getting […]

This year’s sustainable food trends

Local: Consumers are expressing growing concern in ensuring there are always options to buy local. This allows them to feel they are buying safer food options while supporting sustainable farming practices close to home. Plastic: The global backlash over plastic continues, placing the food industry on high alert. Restaurants continue to find ways to replace […]

Spring’s sustainable home trends

Urban gardening: Gardens were often only thought of as possible in suburban areas but now urbanites are increasingly using their patios and balconies to grow produce as well. There are even options to have a garden directly in your kitchen, such as Just Vertical has produced. Minimalism: As waste reduction becomes more mainstream, people are […]

Our favourite sustainable Instagram feeds

@lifemadelight follows Leah’s continued learnings on living zero waste as well as observations on consumption and rethinking our relationships with objects. On @50shadesofgreentoronto, Haley gives tips for green living and encourages everybody to start as small or big as they decide. @shift_style’s Ash has a passion for sustainability and an eye for design – she […]

Our favourite sustainable Canadian buildings

Evergreen Brick Works: Since the original redevelopment of the Don Valley Brick Works to become the Evergreen Brick Works in 2010, the organization continues to push for a more sustainable model. The redevelopment of the historic Kiln building into the TD Future Cities Centre became a place for people to come together in the mission […]

5 small changes you can make to live more sustainably

Use totes! No reason to be throwing away plastic bags every time you go to the grocery store. Use all those tote bags you’ve collected over the years to bring your food home from the store Get a recycling and compost bin. If it’s there, you’ll use it. Make it easy for yourself to throw […]

5 ways to start greenifying your office

Offices can be places full of creativity and amazing opportunities – they are also often incredibly wasteful. Processes are difficult to change but there are some small things that can be done to make your office just a bit more green. Turn it off: at the end of each day, make sure the last person […]

Should you install solar panels on your property?

As solar panel costs continue to become more affordable, further innovations are developed for both residential and commercial use. For businesses, it depends on the size and requirements of the solar panels in order to gauge cost and installation. It is often also possible to install solar panels on roofs of homes that pay for […]

Yes, you do need a home inspection

With the surge in housing prices over the last few years in Ontario, home buyers have often opted to forego the inspection part of the process in order to make their offer more appealing to the seller. Once all the papers are squared away though, the home will be yours to take care of, including […]

5 simple ways to make your home more energy efficient

Use an energy saving thermostat – devices such as the Nest can be programmed to save energy when you’re not at home. Through an app, Nest will know when your phone is not at home and go into eco-mode. It will also start to learn your habits and recreate the times you turn up or […]